windows vista In this constantly evolving computer world, it may be daunting for many individuals and companies whenever Microsoft debuts a new version of Windows. We do not blame you. Microsoft likes to make things complicated.

Fortunately, trained specialists like the enthusiastic staff at DCTS are glad to lend a hand. Whether it is a simple upgrade to Windows Vista™ or offering networking support at your home, office or company, DCTS has the resources to do the aforementioned and much more. Now we offer web hosting and web design services in conjunction with photography services located in Los Angeles.

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Whether we would like to acknowledge it or not, technology is a part of our lives. We embrace it when it serves us obediently. We detest it when it goes haywire. Technology is a love-hate relationship. As advocates of love, we encourage everyone to seek our advice before disowning one of your electronics. =)

At DCTS, we make sure that each technician is specially trained in a wide array of services. Whether you need help hooking up your computer to a network or hooking up a computer to a television, you name it, we can do it!

Our goal is to make you smile. Give us a try!

What do we do exactly?

Good question. We do everything there is to do in regards to computers.

Don't be glum over a computer dilemma, lend us a jingle and let's chat it over. We offer a wide array of incomparable services because of our competent and dedicated staff.

What can I say? We simply <3 what we do!

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