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thumb Can someone even put a price on efficiency? The global market is now literally clicks away. In order to be globally knit, you need to be up to par in terms of technology. We are not talking about revamping your entire company or office, which is a possibility. Instead, we are talking about the simple things that could be to maximize efficiency - computer consultation!

Our reliance on computers and technology, which is not bad, has yielded companies and individuals more efficiency, thus more time and profit. Our goal is to provide viable solutions at whatever level for you to get the most bang for your buck!

DCTS provides quick and expert service solutions for individuals and small companies. From one computer to 50 computers, we can handle it. We have serviced numerous small to medium sized companies in creating their networks, servers, workstations, and etc.

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thumb For example, tired of transferring files through disks or burned CDs? Some simple solutions can be a networked environment with shared servers.

Does your website need a facelift or do you simply need a website? That's not a problem either.

Ready to stop competing with local vendors and tap into an unlimited market? We'll show you how to spread your wings to the global market through e-commerce! Through our guidance, you could realize the true potential of your company.

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